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At Cloud Sharp, we are the leaders in digital solutions related to MS Azure, SharePoint, Office 365 and IT enabled private cloud services. Whether it is dedicated server hosting or cloud computing, we have the right services that cover your requirements. Our updated Microsoft services skill set ensures that you always get the perfect answer to you digital queries.

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When it comes to flexible, open and enterprise-grade cloud computing platform, Cloud Sharp is the leading name. We help you move faster with SQL Azure database services, PaaS and IaaS.

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What Makes CloudSharp the Best?


We respond to your business's needs as per your brand's unique requirements.

Minimum Downtimes

Short time-to-repair and fast response means less operational downtime.

Scalable Solutions

Whether your business is small or enterprise grade, we have the right solution.


Business transforming new ideas are always within your reach with our team.

Task Execution

Effective task execution improves the efficiency of your IT infrastructure.

Lower Costs

Higher efficiency means more resource savings and lower operating costs.

Real Time Support

Our real time monitoring lets you improve your bottomline efficiency.

Best Practices

We ensure industry leading IT practices are followed and implemented.

Positive User Experience

Our approach ensures a positive experience for your users.

Want to make the Most Of Cloud Solutions?

Unmatched SharePoint Solutions
  • Faster time to value - Achieve speed with a focus on your brand's strategic initiatives.
  • Lower complexity - Take the pains out of day-to-day operations and shore up resources.
  • Predictable costs – Manage costs better with predictable expenses with no surprise charges.
  • Professional services – Expect nothing but truest professionalism that serves your needs.
Professional Azure Solutions
  • Expertise – We have certified experts ready to help you out with any Azure issues.
  • Lower risk – Our services, monitoring and patching, have a proactive downtime approach.
  • Innovate – We manage scarce resources with panache and ensure no overload on resources.
  • Maximize ROI – Our architectural guidance is crucial to cost savings and high reliability.
Cloud Server Hosting

Have Questions?

What are the licensing issues with Azure and Office 365?

We help you buy and manage the licences required to run Microsoft Azure and Office 365 services. The upgrades are also managed in our services as per the versions of the software.

How do I get started with cloud?

If you are fresh to the concept of cloud, we help you make the transition smoothly. We ensure that your current infrastructure and operations face minimum disruption.

What access do I have to your experts?

We are available to you 24X7 to make sure all the issues are sorted out at the earliest. Our professionals not only help you with the management but also the hardware investments.

Will my data be secure?

Yes, absolutely. When we work with your database, we ensure its privacy is maintained. Not all our staff has access to your database. Adequate security checks are in place.

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