Fast & Secure SharePoint Cloud Services in Toronto, Mississauga

There was a time when sharing of data amongst the employees or partners of an organization was a bit too tough. If at all there was a solution, it was too much time consuming. With Microsoft’s SharePoint, you get the best browser based collaboration services to share and manage your documents online in the most safe manner.

For this, you need a cloud service company that meets all your requirements but is cost effective at the same time and nothing beats CloudSharp in this regard. We have been offering cloud services since a long time, helping our clients to download, edit, upload and share the documents with a password protected secure for all their data. We serve Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton & surrounding areas

Looking To Share The Documents Online? Share It Safely With CloudSharp!


SharePoint Features


The basic and most important feature of sharepoint is its collaborating ability. It helps greatly in making the employees work together by sharing ideas, information and also connect with experts.


It lets you search the required information or its relevant experts in a fast manner. This helps you in getting the knowledge and technical help all at the cost of some clicks!


It lets you organize and manage documents, employees and all the projects in a single location. This way you don’t have to deal with each issue separately but manage everything in one go.


It helps the developers and designers to create familiar tools and customize it according to your own needs. Now, you don’t have to depend on pre-set protocols for sharing your data.


SharePoint keeps the latest technological trends in mind and lets your business to have a responsive approach. Your employees and other members can access data from any device across the world.

Socially Active

Through the business grade social network Yammer, you get the option to have real time access to the relevant content. You can engage, collaborate and connect with your members and co-workers socially.

What We'll Do For You?

Legally Enterprise Records

We will help you to capture, declare, store and dispose off any kind of records, be it physical or electronic in the most legal way.

Management Of Documents

Our team will improve the accessibility of your documents and also help in its better search ability amongst the organization.

Management Of Contract

Help you in managing the contract by making it easily accessible, stored and found in order to make sure no more deadlines are missed.

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